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Moxa-Moxibustion Equipment

The company has brought the moxa-moxibustion equipment collection for the customers. The equipment provides the treatment by burning the moxa sticks. These help in relieving the pain. The sticks are generally burnt for maximum 6 minutes. The stomachache issues and diarrheas can be relieved using the equipment range. It is generally recommended to patients not to use moxibustion by themselves. The moxa-moxibustion equipment can also significantly stimulate the circulation of blood. The pain of arthritis as well as menstrual cycles can also be mitigated. These are demanded in the healthcare centers and medical sectors. We ensure the efficiency and impressive results.

Product Image (KMRBG)

20cm General Big Size Moxa Rolls

Price: 190 INR/Set
  • Portable:Yes
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (KMSC)

18mm Big Brass Moxibustion Body Massager Roller Stick

Price: 899 INR/Piece
  • Age Group:Adults
  • Usage:Body Massage
  • Portable:Yes
  • Delivery Time:1 Week