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Acupuncture Apparatus

The acupuncture apparatus is used to treat the different pains of the body namely neck pain, back pain, headaches etc. The use of the apparatuses must be done under the observation of professionals.

Massager and Slimming Products

The massager and slimming products are known for making the body fat reduced with the losing fat massagers. These products also relax the body, improve blood flow, and reduce the anxiety problems.

Vastu Pyramid

The vastu pyramid has high value in the spiritual advancement. The pyramid is meant to bring good fortune, positive vibes, success, good health and wealth in ones life.

Yoga Naturopathy

The yoga naturopathy is the way to become naturally fit and healthy. The treatment helps in reducing the bodys stiffness, pain in a natural way. The treatment includes the diet plan, exercise etc.

Surgical Belts Instruments

The surgical belts instruments are recommended by the doctors to the patients for keeping the surgical tubes at place for quick cure. The belts are comfortable and simple to be wrapped around the abdomen region.

Cupping-Hijama Equipment

Cupping-hijama equipment is used for enhancing the blood circulation in the body. the muscle stress is reduced using these cup devices, which also eliminates the stiffness of the muscles.

Electro Stimulator

The electro stimulator is used for treating the different conditions of the body such as arthritis, joint pains etc. The stimulator is used for reliving the muscular stress and relaxing the nerves.

Magent Therapy Equipments

Magnet therapy equipment is used for treating the different joints and muscular issues such as sprains, arthritis etc. The therapy is noticeably effective if given regularly.

Moxa-Moxibustion Equipment

Moxa-moxibustion equipment is used for treating the body pains such as back pain, neck pain, which are the common issues these days. The equipment is also effective for the arthritis patients.